About Us

A short history of the Walton and District Allotment Association.

Formed in 1918 by Veterans from the Great War, the members with help from the Town Council and Local Farmers purchased the land on which our present sites are located.
The Association is unique in that the members are shareholders, and actually own the land they cultivate.
We have two sites.

a] Walton Road 60 x 10 rod plots.

b] Grove Avenue 60 x 10 rod plots

All sites have mains water, mowers, tillers and strimmers are available for hire. The soil is fertile medium clay.
We have a waiting list at the present time, ( closed at the moment)
You may erect a shed, have a lawn, grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, even go organic, create a wildlife garden, in other words make your garden a good place to visit and relax

Should you be considering joining us in this healthy outdoor hobby,and enjoy growing tasty fruit and vegetables, with the bonus of meeting like minded people, then the following information may be of use to you.

After running expenses are accounted for, any surplus is ploughed back to provide site maintenance and garden machinery for the benefit of all.

A £10 joining fee is required of new tenants.
A £20 gate key deposit is required for both sites

Plot Rents for 2013-2014 and payable by the 29th of September. [Note:- these are well below the national average]
Full plot £28.
Half plot £14.

Tenants after 3 years are considered by the management committee for full share holding membership, election is restricted and only tenants who maintain their plots in good order will be considered.

Full Members hold one share to the value of £1, they are not transferable, nor is any dividend payable.
The annual subscription for a full member is £1.

Google map images of our allotment sites.

Walton Road Plots

Grove Avenue Plots

Matters concerning the website contact Brian Waight

Matters concerning the Walton and District Allotment Association contact Allotment Secretary